Renton Composite Squadron is unique because of its diverse blend of senior members and cadets. No matter what you want your future to hold, Renton Composite Squadron can help you.

Cadets learn everything from first aid to how to fly an airplane with our special and knowledgeable instructors. They also get the chance to go flying in one of our CAP airplanes, gliders and attend Cadet Special Activities, and Encampments.

If you are interested in learning more about us, just come down and experience a meeting for yourself!

If you have any problems with the website or have any questions about the CAP program at all, email Capt Villaluz.

Meeting location address and contact information is on the left side of this webpage.  Welcome !

New Meeting Location – 790 West Perimeter Road, Renton, WA 98057. Look for the classic Quonset hut–this facility is located a few buildings north of the control tower at the Renton Municipal Airport property. Civil Air Patrol is on the second floor with a beautiful observation deck. See you there!





Just thought I’d provide a little update.  At the Region conference this year at the Board of Governors meeting the discussion of CAP’s future utilization came up.  The comments from the retired General on the Board stated that the Air Force is working completely assess CAP’s potential and further integrate into AF mission requests within the US.  I asked specifically what we CAP members could do to help out and his response was very simply put “Professionalism”.  In other words correct uniform at all times, training updated within Eservices and last point was effectiveness or accomplishing the mission as requested with high level of success.  He went on to talk about professionalism and the emphasis on correct uniform with appropriate patches in correct locations, meeting grooming and weight standards for uniform worn and customs and courtesies when working with other groups.
Above is the new logo recommended for all wing, group and squadron facebook pages which reflects the integration of CAP within the AF family.  As we evolve as a professional organization the branding changes will continue.  Just as the closing line below is the required logo to be used on official CAP business emails and letterheads.
Good Job CAP members keep up the good work.
Maj. Kelly M. Deeds CAP
Commander, Renton Composite Squadron,
816-853-9322 cell/text
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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